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“Being in the Kitchen is a therapy for my soul, for the kitchen is my sanctuary.”

Welcome to Kitchen Aficionados. Hi!! My name is Rakhee, besides being a wife and a busy hands-on mom of triplet girls, two of whom have severe food allergies, I am passionate  about cooking; for me cooking is not only an art but therapy for my soul and the kitchen is my sanctuary.

I come from a family of talented cooks and bakers, so cooking runs in my blood. I have childhood memories of my mom preparing quick and delicious mouth-watering meals for the impromptu guests my dad would invite. They would generously shower her with words of praise for her cooking skills. It seemed like she had this secret magic wand that she waved and voila an array of delectable dishes would appear on the table. Enamored by this magic, at the age of 12 years, a fire kindled in my soul and created a yearning in my heart that was here to stay. I simply had to learn this magic!

My father, noticing that I was always in the kitchen experimenting with new recipes, encouraged me to pursue my passion further. He would often invite chefs, who were experts in different cuisines, to come home and train me. This was how I happily spent my Sundays.

About Kitchen Aficionados:

I love to research the wonders of spices and create recipes that help in curing health ailments. I have started this blog because I would love to share some home remedies and healthy recipes that I have created and some that have been handed down to me by my family. Okay okay, the recipes may not always be healthy and that’s because I believe life is too short and one should also indulge once in a while.

Much of the knowledge I share here comes from my Ma, Mom-in-law, my god mothers and my family members. I am so thankful to have such amazingly talented and creative people in my life who share their rich and abundant knowledge of multicultural cooking and home remedies.

The ingredients for my recipes are very simple and easily available; not overly expensive. Most of my recipes are free of peanuts, tree-nuts, eggs and shellfish.

Thank you for visiting my recipe blog. If you try a recipe, please do give me feedback. I would love to read your reviews! If you have any questions or comments or would like to share your recipes or tips, please feel free to email me at Kitchenaficionados@gmail.com. And come back soon!

Disclaimer : This blog includes only my opinions. It is not intended to be a diet plan, although I will try to post healthy-ish recipes, please consult your doctor for medical or dietary advice.