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Okra and Potato Stir-fry

Okra and Potato, a perfect combination of vegetables that go great together. When added to a tomato-onion stir-fried base the flavor of okra is greatly enhanced. Okra is a vegetable with a lot of health benefits. It is high in folate, vitamin A , C, and B complex. It is said that if you just… Continue reading Okra and Potato Stir-fry

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Caramelized Pan Fried Rice Noodles

This is a simple recipe that makes an easy one pot meal for those lazy nights. This is my take on the Japanese pan-fried noodles served at Noodles ( a local restaurant). Whenever I am at Noodles with my girls, they tell me we know your order Mam. It's not that I don't like to try other… Continue reading Caramelized Pan Fried Rice Noodles

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Jaggery Glazed Roasted Carrots

The bright orange vegetable, every child’s favorite. Fresh carrots can be available in the markets around the season. Naturally sweet and crunchy, carrots are notably rich in anti-oxidants, vitamins and dietary fiber and a healthy addition you can make to the vegetable list of your diet. They are an exceptionally rich source of carroteness and… Continue reading Jaggery Glazed Roasted Carrots

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Spinach and Corn Rice

Happy St Patty's Day!! Fresh Spinach and corn adds a sweet flavor and heartiness to rice. Spinach is a superstar of all greens, it is packed with high levels of iron and rich in calcium. It has vitamins and minerals that other foods don't have. Spinach has a remarkable quality of increasing blood, restoring energy.… Continue reading Spinach and Corn Rice

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Crispy (Not Fried) Baked Okra /Nani’s Bhindi

Okra is one the most wanted vegetables with my girls. Rolled up inside warm phulkas (tortilla) it tastes like any comfort food would. My ma makes this all the time for my girls when they visit her in India. The girls ate it often while they were in India and would also ask their grandma… Continue reading Crispy (Not Fried) Baked Okra /Nani’s Bhindi

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Spicy Black Bean Artichoke Burger

Hello Everyone! Today March 8th,2017 is International Women's Day and I want to thank all the women in my life who have always encouraged and inspired me. You have nurtured me, taught me and evolved me into the woman, I am today. Today I bring to you a burger that is full of power and boost, just like… Continue reading Spicy Black Bean Artichoke Burger

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Tomato Rice

Do you like your rice just plain white and boring or infused with flavor? I like any kind rice that is infused with flavor. This tomato rice has a rich, tangy flavor that bursts into your mouth. When I make rice at home, I have to add something to it. Most of the time its… Continue reading Tomato Rice

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Spinach Kale Tofu Curry

Spinach Kale Tofu Curry is my variation on the Palak Paneer (Indian Paneer with spinach curry). It is the most popular food in Indian cooking and is full of power packed, pureed greens. It is wholesome and a very satisfying meal. I make this dish at least once a week; usually it is on Meatless… Continue reading Spinach Kale Tofu Curry

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My Ma’s Baked Corn Casserole

As a child this was one dish, I devoured without any fuss. Corn was my favorite vegetable of all. This dish was my favorite of all and I REALLY had to learn this dish from my mother. Thank you Ma for handing down this recipe, I have mastered it and it happens to be a… Continue reading My Ma’s Baked Corn Casserole

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Tofu Lettuce Wraps

Ahh!! I love lettuce wraps, don’t you? .Very few restaurants serve the vegetarian lettuce wraps. This homemade lettuce wraps is a perfect meal and for those who steer clear of tofu, you might want to try this recipe. You will want more of it. There are nights when our family will eat just this for… Continue reading Tofu Lettuce Wraps