Main Course, Recipes

Okra and Potato Stir-fry

Okra and Potato, a perfect combination of vegetables that go great together. When added to a tomato-onion stir-fried base the flavor of okra is greatly enhanced. Okra is a vegetable with a lot of health benefits. It is high in folate, vitamin A , C, and B complex. It is said that if you just… Continue reading Okra and Potato Stir-fry

Main Course, Recipes

Spinach and Corn Rice

Happy St Patty's Day!! Fresh Spinach and corn adds a sweet flavor and heartiness to rice. Spinach is a superstar of all greens, it is packed with high levels of iron and rich in calcium. It has vitamins and minerals that other foods don't have. Spinach has a remarkable quality of increasing blood, restoring energy.… Continue reading Spinach and Corn Rice

Breakfast, Recipes

Tofu Scramble (Bhurji)

¬† Tofu scramble or in India we call it "Tofu Bhurji" which means scramble, is a great alternative to the egg scramble. Tomatoes, green onion, and cilantro makes this protein-packed tofu scramble a tasty breakfast. What is special about this recipe is that I add black salt instead of regular salt and that is what… Continue reading Tofu Scramble (Bhurji)